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Special Learning Center

This Centre was started to help children who were admitted and then diagnosed as having  mild learning difficulties. The Centre is not equipped to deal with severe cases or any other cases like autism etc.

Started in 1984, it is one of the earliest in Chennai city. Learning difficulties include reading, spelling, writing and comprehension problems. Trained and experienced special educators assess children referred to them by teachers or parents. An IEP (Individual Educational Programme) is prepared for each child taking into considerations his/her learning style, strengths and needs. This programme enables the child to develop the required skills needed to perform at the class level. The school has a center or a resource room to train children with learning difficulties to cope with their problems.

Children are taught the skills during selected hours twice a week. Close monitoring of the child's progress in the classroom situation is also done.

Children with severe problems and learning difficulties are deputed to ANANYA a special school run by the Madras Dyslexia Association(MDA) with whom the School has a pull-out programme. The child is given intensive remediation and main streamed at the appropriate time and level. The remediators take part in refresher courses at regular intervals to keep abreast of the latest techniques. Workshops are also conducted by them for teachers and other educators to help them identify and train dyslexic children.

The teacher, remediator and parent work as one to help the child from the 1st step of identification to mainstreaming - the end result.

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